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Sara Capital Partners | Midwest Small Business Growth Partner | Madison, Wisconsin WI


Our partners have grown up in the Midwest, worked for local small businesses, and are passionate about partnering with entrepreneurs in small, private companies

Why Us


Hands-On Approach

We are not spreadsheet investors.  We take a hands-on approach to business improvement and our experienced operating partners bring strategy, industry expertise, and a commitment to implementing new technologies.

Exclusive Access

This paragraph will go on to explain why this is important for our "hero." For example, for exclusive access, you could say "We provide you with information that only VIP have access to." But you got to say it in a way that doesn't sound like insider trading.

Small Business DNA 

Many small businesses stand at critical crossroads, where a strategic partner with valuable resources can propel them to the next stage of growth.  We're deeply committed to small businesses because our partners have been there—owning, running, and scaling enterprises.

Partnership Oriented

We aim to foster relationships with owners and management teams. We stand by your side, actively seeking solutions to protect your reputation, your employee base, and your legacy. 

Start a conversation.

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